• How Walnut Shells Can Help Your Mini or BMW's Performance

    Wednesday 16 January 2019

    BMW and Mini Cooper (along with other vehicles) with GDI engines are both cars that can experience carbon build up over time causing drivability issues.    Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is a method that automakers have used to inject gasoline at a high pressure directly into an engine’s combustion chamber rather than into the intake tract or cylinder port.  Fuel is better measured than older fuel injection or carbureted systems - making the vehicle more fu... read more

  • Running Low On Oil...Or None At All

    Tuesday 23 May 2017

    If you have a newer car you may be surprised to hear that oil consumption in these cars is a known concern. Cars sometimes come in to us for service with symptoms such as a burning oil smell, white smoke coming from the tailpipe, or a knock sound from the engine. These cars sometimes have oil levels so low, the oil does not even register on the dipstick. In fact, two of the m... read more

  • Pre-Purchase Vehicle Tools You Should Use

    Wednesday 12 October 2016

    When a customer calls us and says: "I would like to schedule an inspection on a vehicle I have already bought," we are always happy to do so.  However, we would rather take the call that asks: "Can I schedule an inspection on a vehicle I am considering purchasing? Buying a vehicle, whether new or used, is a considerable financial commitment and if you go the used car route, there are two invaluable tools available you should take advantage of before&n... read more

  • fogged headlight lenses

    Tuesday 11 October 2016

    Fogged headlight lenses are not only unattractive and make your car look older, they also restrict the amount of light that illuminates the road ahead of you which can make for dangerous driving conditions.  As we move into fall and winter, it is important to have the best possible visibility.  Headlight restoration can be a great option for combating reduced visibility. BEFORE - Foggy or cloudy headlight lenses a... read more

  • all volvo service & repair in west seattle

    Friday 08 July 2016

    1972 Volvo P1800We are a small, independent, Volvo specialty repair shop in beautiful West Seattle and we can service and repair any Volvo. We service all years and models of Volvo whether it’s from 1950 or 2017. Just because you bought your car from the dealer doesn’t mean you have to go back to the Volvo dealer to get quality, expert vehicle service. From headlight bulbs to engine replacement, you can get it here at Swedish Automotive... read more

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