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fogged headlight lenses

Fogged headlight lenses are not only unattractive and make your car look older, they also restrict the amount of light that illuminates the road ahead of you which can make for dangerous driving conditions.  As we move into fall and winter, it is important to have the best possible visibility.  Headlight restoration can be a great option for combating reduced visibility.

milky headlights, scratched headlights, faded lenses, dull lenses, old headlight lenses, unclear lenses
BEFORE - Foggy or cloudy headlight lenses are dim and look old

The plastic headlight lenses used with halogen-style bulbs will tend to “cloud” after many years and miles on the road. This haze greatly diminishes the light output, and also makes the vehicle appear to be older than it really is.

Polishing, Buffing, Cleaning Headlights
Headlight Restoration

There is a solution to foggy headlight lenses!

We are able to clean and polish the headlight lenses and restore them to new condition! Schedule an appointment today to restore your ability to see more clearly at night, and also greatly improve the appearance of your vehicle!

Cleaned headlight lenses, buffed headlight lenses, restored headlight lenses, clear headlight lenses
AFTER - Headlight lenses are clear, bright, polished, and like new
clear, new headlight lens
Cloudy, milky, murky, dim, scratched headlight, dull, faded, hazy

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