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COVID-19 Message

These are the times that try men’s souls.

This is the beginning of a famous piece of writing by Thomas Paine in 1776 and while he was he was referring to the “summer soldier and sunshine patriot” that would shrink from the service of their country in crisis – and the bitter winter that it was written during – those who remained steadfast deserved the love and thanks of a fledging nation.

We are indeed in a crisis right now. While not fighting for independence from a monarchy, we are all fighting for our country’s future. We are fighting a battle with a virus for the health of ourselves, our families, friends, neighbors and people you will never meet.  We are also fighting for the financial health of countless thousands of small businesses and their employees. 

The government’s stimulus will be expensive and we will only know with hindsight how effective it was, but with the majority of Americans now staying home unless absolutely necessary, the financial toll is going to be something we haven’t seen in generations.

We here at Swedish Automotive have been serving the West Seattle area for over 30 years and we are proud to be part of the community. We are an essential industry and our technicians cannot work remotely. We diagnose, repair, service and maintain vehicles – specializing in European and Subaru – and our goal is to provide our customers with safe, reliable transportation that is there when they need it most.  We know that getting auto repair is not likely at the top of everyone’s list right now, but along with many other essential services, we are here for you. 

We have implemented sanitizing into our service and make sure all “high touch” areas inside the passenger compartment are cleaned before and after we are done to make sure the risk of any infection is as low as it can be. We have advised our employees to report any symptoms and to stay home if they feel ill and we use disposable gloves and other PPE to try to keep both employees and customers safe. 

We can perform most maintenance “contact free” and we will pick up and deliver your vehicle, so you don’t need to leave home. We can use phone, text and email to keep you updated about your vehicle and send photos and reports to you for review. We can take payment over the phone and send you and invoice electronically or put a printed one in your vehicle for you.

If you find yourself at home and not needing your car or truck at this time, consider having us perform any maintenance or repair needs for you while it is more convenient for you! 

We support our fellow local businesses here in West Seattle and hope they can all get back to a new “normal” soon and we also thank our many, many great customers who make it all worth it!

These are, indeed, the times that try our souls – but, together, we will overcome this crisis and hopefully be stronger for it. Please take care of yourselves and one another, remain steadfast and we will always be here for you!

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