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Is there a rodent in your car?


Or mice...or maybe a squirrel.

It's the time of year that rodents are looking for a nice, warm, safe space and your vehicle just might be it! There's just so much to like under your hood - insulation, hoses and plastic for a nest - and it is a dry, safe spot that they can call home. If you drive your vehicle daily, it likely will not be an issue. If, like many people over the last 18 months, you don't drive that often, then the opportunity is there for the little critters to move on in and make themselves comfy!

The damage that can happen ranges from annoying smells and pesky "Check Engine" lights to poor running, not starting or even a bio-hazard. The photo is from a vehicle we had in this week. You can see 3 of the 6 spark plug wires are chewed completely through and it had to be towed in. This is after the owner said it sat for a week while he was on vacation. We recently had an Audi in that needed extensive repairs that included a wiring harness and partial disassembly of the engine!

If you suspect you may have "visitors" to your vehicle - or, if you would just like peace of mind - contact us. We offer inspection and cleaning services along with installing a deterrent when we are finished to try to discourage them from returning and encourages them to move along.

Thank you for reading and stay safe out there!


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