The folks I dealt with at Swedish Automotive are wonderful, especially Jeremy. They did a diagnostic service on my Subaru for $150, which in my opinion is a little steep, but they were thorough. I went ahead and had the shop work on the my car to fix a couple problems with the vehicle and they did a great job. The shop also lent me a loaner car for a flat rate of $20 while they worked on the vehicle. The shop also gave me ample time to come up with the money to pay them. I truly recommend going to these guys with your car troubles. They are professional, courteous, and respectful. I myself will definitely go back whenever I have car troubles.

Thanks for the review and bringing your car in to us!Swedish Automotive

I have been taking my '04 Subaru Outback to Swedish Automotive after my warranty ended. The service at my dealer seemed to decline year over year since I originally purchased the car in 2005. Approximately 2 years ago the dealer was unable to successfully diagnose a rear suspension issue after having my car for three days. Additionally there was a decline in other services such as no longer washing your car at key service intervals. I thought I would give Swedish Automotive a try since they were located close to me and they started servicing Subarus. They were able to successfully diagnose and fix what the dealer couldn't. I have also taken my car back for multiple subsequent appointments and repairs such as a clutch replacement and CV joints and I will likely take it back to Swedish Automotive for the timing belt replacement service. There have been a lot of reviews on here about the prices being too high. Swedish Automotive's quote to replace the clutch was approximately $300.00 less expensive than what the dealer quoted. I haven't been particularly shocked by the costs or quotes from Swedish Automotive; whether it is automotive repair or motorcycle repair no one should expect shop labor to be inexpensive; costs are relative.Swedish Automotive's facility is clean, they offer loaner cars, they will thoroughly wash your car upon returning it to you and they have always provided me with great customer service and communication.


I thought I had a good mechanic before but these guys are top notch. A bit more expensive but once they are done it is fixed right. And they are very very kind too. Thanks guys!


Took the family 97 Volvo S90 to Swedish for some TLC. Even though though they didn't get things right the first time. When I contacted Jeremy and told him we were still having issues. He didn't hesitate to take care of the issues and made every thing right in the end and they car is doing great. I would recommend Swedish Automotive to anyone looking for good quality people and fantastic customer service. I loved the loaner car service, especially the price!


I recently took my Subaru Outback in for an issue that I knew would be tricky to diagnose and repair. The transmission shifted very hard from 3rd to 4th gear, but only when the car was cold -- and even then for only the first two or three shifts after starting.The team at Swedish Automotive was very diligent about finding the issue, repairing it, and testing and retesting to make sure it was completely fixed. It took a number of days since the car had to get cold overnight to test each time, but they were fanatical about making sure it was absolutely correct before declaring the car ready for me to get back.Throughout it all, Dave was in constant communication, letting me know exactly what was going on. He also let me know other issues with the car that I should consider repairing, how much they would be, and whether I could put them off or not. There was no pressure to perform any of them and the prices quoted were reasonable and they stuck to them.I wish the hours were a little more work friendly, but with the generous loaner car program ($20 gets you a car for the duration of the repair, which is a great deal on a multi-day repair) and being located right on the 21 bus line, there are plenty of options to make it work.


I have been taking my 1998 Volvo Cross Country to Swedish Automotive for 4 years and have never been disappointed! My dad is a mechanic back east, so I'm a tough sell to begin with. Dave is wonderful and always explains to me exactly what is wrong with the car before doing the work. He gives me all the information so I can decide for myself. I really appreciate that he doesn't "pat me on my head" and ask to speak with my husband. The shop is always busy, but he finds time for any questions I might have. No, it isn't the least expensive shop, but the rental car is beyond helpful when my car is being fixed, and I'd rather pay a company I know does good work than have to pay later because a less expensive repair shop or mechanic cut corners. (In my opinion, anyone who drives a semi-luxury car like a volvo or saab should expect to pay more for service and repairs.) I am currently shopping for another (used) volvo, and I won't even consider purchasing it until the guys at Swedish look it over and give it the green light. I will also bring whatever car I buy to them, as now I've been spoiled with excellent service! jennifer


We have a transmission shop in Seattle. From time to time we need the expert opinions and trained staff at Swedish Automotive. I have no problem sending anyone to this shop. I have always found them to be honest with me and to those I have sent to them. Mark @ Kings Transmission of Seattle

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