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saab’s staying power

Saab Vehicle Emblem

Since it has been almost three years since we last posted about Saab’s bankruptcy issues and the fear of parts unavailability, we thought you might be curious about what the Saab parts market looks like today. You might assume that it could be difficult, or in some cases impossible, to get a vehicle part. However, Saab Automobile Parts North America (which emerged from the car manufacturer’s bankruptcy) is stable and actually thriving.

That’s good news because while the company itself may have struggled, the cars they built are holding strong and we love them. A recent search pulled up almost 400 cars for sale in Washington statealone and there are reportedly more than 450,000 Saab’s in the United States still on the road.

Of course, the number of the departed company’s cars on the road will shrink over time but for now, your car will have its needs covered!

For more information on the current availability of parts and other automotive news, please visit www.autonews.com.


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