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bus safety

School is back in session. Here are a few tips to ensure our children make it to their destinations and back safely.


  • The most important rule is to SLOW DOWN and don’t be distracted while driving.
  • Follow school buses at a safe distance, they make frequent stops.
  • Yellow flashing lights indicate the bus is preparing to slow down and stop to load and unload kids. Slow down and be prepared to stop.
  • Remember that children react differently than adults. They act impulsively and are easily distracted; they are not aware that their size can prevent drivers from seeing them and don’t understand what it takes to stop a moving vehicle.
  • Children arriving late for the bus, or anxious to meet an awaiting adult, may dart out into traffic without looking or unexpectedly jump out from between parked cars.

WA State law mandates the following rules for passing stopped school buses:

  • Two-Lane Roads: All vehicles must STOP when a school bus is displaying RED Flashing Lights and the STOP sign. Stop at least 20 feet from the bus.
  • Multiple-Lane Roads: Vehicles following the bus must STOP when RED Flashing Lights and STOP sign are displayed.
  • Multiple-Lane Roads: Vehicles traveling in the opposite direction of the bus need not stop, but use CAUTION when passing. This situation could be either a four lane road (such as 35th Ave SW) or a road with one lane each way and a designated turning lane creating 3 lanes of continuous traffic (such as Fauntelroy Ave SW).

Follow this link RCW46.61.370 to see the law as written.

School Buses photo by flickr user krispdk


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