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be safe, plan ahead, and avoid heartbreak!

Occasionally, cars are brought to Swedish Automotive that have experienced “smash and grab” thefts. We would like to encourage you to never leave anything in your Volvo, SAAB, Subaru or Mini Cooper. Even items such as an empty gym bag or a back pack full of books can cause temptation and result in hundreds of dollars of damage to your car.

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Smash and Grab

Plan ahead: if you know you will be away from your parked car, do not take items that will have to be left behind, or stow items in your trunk or rocket box before you arrive at your destination. We have yet to see a cargo carrier damaged by break-in, but it is imperative to stow your goodies before you arrive and park. Security covers, the shades that hide items from view in the rear of wagons do not prevent thefts and may even increase curiosity.

Customers have reported incidents that have occurred in a “good area” and in less than 10 minutes, including while the driver is dropping off their child at school having left the car only long enough to run the child into the building. Thieves were watching the area and made off with the valuables in no time at all. So be safe, plan ahead and avoid heart break!

According to a Seattle Police Department post, which also includes theft prevention tips,

“You are more likely to be a victim of a vehicle crime than any other crime reported to the Seattle Police Department. An experienced Car Prowler or Thief can gain access to your car in virtually seconds. In less than 30 seconds, someone could break into a parked car. Most car prowls themselves take less than two minutes. The damage done to locks and windows can be very expensive to repair and cause great inconvenience.”

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