You will find the team at Swedish Automotive will treat you and your Volvo, Saab, Subaru or Mini Cooper with the highest level of courtesy and respect. As a small independent repair shop that has been around since 1983, we are proud to provide you with personal, dealer-level expertise leaving you feeling confident that your car is in good hands.

In the front office, Todd and Dave are our service advisors. They are liaisons between you and the technician who is working on your vehicle. Todd and Dave organize, explain and price the work the technician is doing on your vehicle. They will help you prioritize service and repair for your vehicle according to safety and wear concerns. Dave (owner) serves as an additional service advisor as needed and manages the daily operations of the business.

In the back office, Sören orders, receives, and delivers parts to the technicians for their work on your vehicle. In addition, he manages the maintenance of our facility. Sandra (owner) provides behind-the-scenes support in business administration, accounting, marketing, customer service and human resources. 

In the shop, Don, Jason, Dick, Ben and Victor are our highly trained and experienced technicians who inspect, service, diagnose and repair your vehicle. Each technician’s highest priority is keeping your car on the road and performing reliably, safely and efficiently for a long time. In the wash bay, Ignacio diligently cleans, washes, and vacuums each vehicle so that we can return your car to you clean as well as in good running order.


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