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  • saab 9-5 frozen emergency brake caution

    Friday 11 December 2015

    photo courtesy of It’s winter and the the conditions are ideal for a day of skiing. Fresh powder, sunny skies, and 20 degree weather. You pack up your Saab 9-5, make the drive to the mountains and park for the day. Or, you drive to the grocery store on a freezing morning, park your car in the lot and spend about 30 minutes shopping for the week ahead. In both of these examples the parking brake is set while the car is parked. Either of these sce... read more

  • saab’s staying power

    Monday 03 August 2015

    Since it has been almost three years since we last posted about Saab’s bankruptcy issues and the fear of parts unavailability, we thought you might be curious about what the Saab parts market looks like today. You might assume that it could be difficult, or in some cases impossible, to get a vehicle part. However, Saab Automobile Parts North America (which emerged from the car manufacturer’s bankruptcy) is stable and actually thriving. That’s good news becaus... read more

  • good news from saab parts!

    Saturday 20 October 2012

    photo by flicker user BigMarx SAAB Automobile Parts of North America, the original equipment manufacturer and supplier of SAAB parts, has really stepped up availability and distribution. As little as 3 months ago, we had about 30% success rate in receiving parts ordered. Now we can now get nearly 100% of all parts we order. This is a very encouraging turn of events! If you tried ordering an ignition key or other previously hard to find part and were told t... read more

  • saab keys

    Thursday 19 April 2012

    Be careful with your late model SAAB keys (1999 and newer)! Treat them like gold! Should you lose or damage your old keys, we currently do not have a source for new ones. We are hopeful that these keys will eventually become available again and will let you know when that happens. For now, ebay and craigslist are your best bet

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