• drive green = save $

    Monday 17 September 2012

    Saab in Motion The Washington State Auto Dealers Association ( printed “Green Driving Tips” in the Seattle Times (Sunday, June 17, 2012). WSADA says the following habits may increase your fuel economy by up to 33%! Keep rolling in traffic . It takes up to 20% more fuel to accelerate from a full dead stop than from 5 mph. Look down the road to anticipate stops and coast as much as possible. Drive your car to warm it up. Today’s vehic... read more

  • be safe, plan ahead, and avoid heartbreak!

    Thursday 26 April 2012

    Occasionally, cars are brought to Swedish Automotive that have experienced “smash and grab” thefts. We would like to encourage you to never leave anything in your Volvo, SAAB, Subaru or Mini Cooper. Even items such as an empty gym bag or a back pack full of books can cause temptation and result in hundreds of dollars of damage to your car. Smash and Grab Plan ahead: if you know you will be away from your parked car, do not take items that will have to be left behind... read more

  • saab keys

    Thursday 19 April 2012

    Be careful with your late model SAAB keys (1999 and newer)! Treat them like gold! Should you lose or damage your old keys, we currently do not have a source for new ones. We are hopeful that these keys will eventually become available again and will let you know when that happens. For now, ebay and craigslist are your best bet

  • tire replacement

    Wednesday 18 April 2012

    While it is always best to replace all 4 tires at once, we sometimes replace only 2 tires due to a blow out or unevenly worn tires. When replacing only two tires we always put the new tires on the rear and the old tires on the front. While this may seem counter-intuitive, please see the attached Pep Boys video for further explanation and illustration of what happens to the handling of your car when the new tires are installed on the front. Video source... read more

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